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Shaman conveys the pictures that most humans cannot see; many people did a good job as a Math Shaman.

LA Tea

Have a cup of LA Tea, learn some linear algebra! This website collects linear algebra articles covering from basic notions to deep theorems and from theory to applications (in Chinese). If you have some thoughts on any level of linear algebra, you are welcome submit your article to LA Tea.


An online graphing calculator and more than that! You don't need an account to access it, but an account can keep what you have drawn. Try the examples below:


Previously known as SageMathCloud, it is the most easy way to experience the power of SageMath, an open-source mathematics software. See here for Sage Basics [ ipynb ] and A Tour of Sage. More tutorials are available in my ModularSage repository on GitHub. You may download the following worksheets through the icon Sage Download inside the link. If you upload the worksheet to your own account, then you may execute the codes.

TikZ & PGF

"TikZ ist kein Zeichenprogramm!" TikZ is package associated with TeX so that you can program and generate graphs. Check out my New Year Cards (cards before 2014 not by TikZ) and my TikZ Studio for examples. The source codes can be found here.

Uncertain Graph Editor

A JavaScript graph online editor built on Radoslav Kirov's JavaScript Graph Editor. Each two-subset of the vertices are categorized as an edge, a nonedge, or an uncertain edge.


(You may change filename.pdf to filename_solution.pdf for the solutions.)





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