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If you need me for anything, sending an email to chlin [at] is the easiest way to find me.

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My research area focuses on the connection between graphs and matrices, in particular, the inverse eigenvalue problem of a graph. This video and this article give quick overviews of the problem.

Postdoctoral researcher

In general, my grant does not support a postdoctoral researcher position. Alternatively, you could apply the postdoctoral fellowship in NCTS, which usually release the hiring information in February and September on their website.

To work with me, you are expected to have

If you would like to apply for the NCTS fellowship with me as a potential mentor, please send the following documents to me.


I am happy to work with students on all stages (graduates and undergraduates, or even high school students) and to explore problems on graphs and matrices.

To work with me, you are expected to have

Showing you are capable of making a learning plan, sticking to the plan, and recognizing how much you have improved is an important indicator that you could do good research. You could consider Applied Combinatorics by Michel T. Keller and William T. Trotter for graph theory (and combinatorics in general), Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon for matrix theory, A Whirlwind Tour of Python by Jake VanderPlas, and Sage for High School by Jephian Lin for your learning plan.

If you plan to work with me, please send me an email explaining your purpose and how much you meet the criteria above.

For international students, please follow the school procedure to apply. You may visit NSYSU website > Study > International Student Degree Program Application to see the timeline and the scholarships available. The Fall semester application starts in January, while the Spring semester application starts in August.


每個學期我的時間只夠幫 5 位同學寫推薦信,請大家及早準備,並 至少在繳交截止日兩週之前 整理以下資料寄給我。

請參考 E-mail 錯誤範例賞析 寫一封內容清晰明確的 e-mail 給我。