The Eleventh Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii


Post Announcement (as of July 31, 2012)


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National Sun Yat-sen University


Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

July 9-12, 2012

Organizing Committee: Mao-Ting Chien 簡茂丁, Hwa-Long Gau 高華隆, Chi-Kwong Li 李志光, Ying-Fen Lin 林英芬, Ngai-Ching Wong黃毅青, and Pei Yuan Wu 吳培元

The study of the numerical ranges and numerical radii has a long and distinguished history. There has been a great deal of active research conducted by different research groups around the world. Its relations and applicability are bounded to many different branches of pure and applied science such as operator theory, functional analysis, C*-algebras, Banach algebras, matrix norms, inequalities, numerical analysis, perturbation theory, matrix polynomials, systems theory, quantum information science, etc.  Moreover, a wide range of mathematical tools including algebra, analysis, geometry, combinatorial theory, and computer programming are useful in the study. 

The first workshop on the subject starts in 1992 at Williamsburg. Then the workshop was conducted in every other year in different countries: at Coimbra, Portugal in 1994; at Sapporo, Japan in 1996; at Madison, USA in 1998, at Nafplio, Greece in 2000, at Auburn, USA in 2002, at Coimbra, Portugal in 2004; at Bremen, Germany in 2006; at Williamsburg, USA in 2008; at Krakow, Poland in 2010.


T. Ando (Japan), N. Bebiano (Portugal), Jor-Ting Chan (Hong Kong), Chi-Tung Chang (Taiwan), Wai-Shun Cheung (Hong Kong), M. D. Choi (Canada), Daeshik Choi (USA), Mao-Ting Chien (Taiwan), Chang-Pao Chen (Taiwan), M. Fiedler (Czech), Hwa-Long Gau (Taiwan), Anne Greenbaum (USA), John Holbrook (Canada), Nathaniel Johnston (Canada), David W. Kribs (Canada), Tsang-Hai KuoTaiwan, Hang-Chin Lai (Taiwan), Denny H. Leung (Singapore), Chi-Kwong Li (USA), H. Nakazato (Japan), Chi-Kueng Ng (China), Yiu Tung Poon (USA) , Agnes Radl (Switzerland), A. Salemi (Iran), Ana Nata Santos (Portugal), Mau-Hsiang Shih (Taiwan), Raymond Nung-Sing Sze (USA), Wataru Takahashi  (Japan), Bit-Shum Tam (Taiwan), Tin Yau Tam (USA), Ming-Cheng Tsai (Taiwan), Frank Uhlig (USA), Batzorig Undrakh (Mongolia), Hao-Wei Huang  (USA), Kuo-Zhong Wang (Taiwan), Ya-Shu Wang (Taiwan), , J. Zemanek (Poland) , F. Zhang (USA), K. Zyczkowski (Poland).


Special event: To express our appreciation for his great contribution to operator theory, we will celebrate the 65th birthday of Professor Pei-Yuan Wu in the Wu’s afternoon on July 11, 2012. 



Row 1:    Karol Zyczkowski, Frank Uhlig, Jaroslav Zemanek, Natália Bebiano, Pei Yuan Wu, Man-Duen Choi, Miroslav Fiedler, Tsuyoshi Ando, Hang-Chin Lai, Wataru Takahashi, Hong-Kun Xu, Chi-Kwong Li, Ngai-Ching Wong.

Row 2:    Batzorig Undrakh, Agnes Radl, Mao-Ting Chien, Daeshik Choi, Fuzhen Zhang, Abbas Salemi, Bit-Shun Tam, Hiroshi Nakazato, Wai-Shun Cheung, Tin Yau Tam, Hao-Wei Huang, Nathaniel Johnston.

Row 3:    Daniel Spector, Jor-Ting Chan, Yiu Tung Poon, Denny H. Leung, Chi-Keung Ng, Anne Greenbaum, Chang-Pao Chen, David W. Kribs, John Holbrook, Chih-Neng Liu, David Li-Wei Kuo

Row 4:    Kitty Tam, Paul Tam, Chi-Tung ChangKuo-Zhong Wang, Ming-Cheng Tsai, Raymond N-S Sze, Hwa-Long Gau, Ching-Jou Liao, Ana Nata Santos, Ya-Shu Wang, Pao-Yuan Chen.

Background: Bronze Statues of Chiang Kai-shek (standing) and Sun Yat-sen (sitting).


Sponsors and Endorsers: National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), Mathematics Research Promotion Center, Taiwan National Science Council (NSC), and the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS).


       Chi-Kwong Li 李志光,, Tel (Fax): 757-221-2042(7400),

Ngai-Ching Wong黃毅青,, Tel: (886) 7-525-2000 ext. 3818; or visit