MixedVol-2.0 download (Windows XP)



Executable version for Windows XP system


        Download: (MixedVol2_xp.zip)



1.      It contains binaries running on Windows XP.

2.      No library installation is needed.

3.      No compiler is needed.

4.      No option setting is needed. (Input a system; output its mixed volume and mixed cells.)



        The usage of the code:

Step1:   Unzip MixedVol2_xp.zip.

Step2:   Create/Copy input file (symbolic format) in the directory MixedVol2_xp.

Step3:   Execute   mixedvol2 filename.

Ex:   mixedvol2 barry.sym

Ex:   mixedvol2 cyclic5.sym


Note:  The mixed cells are listed in file “MixedCell.dat” in the same directory.




        The symbolic format of input file:

1.      The polynomial system should be in brackets { } .

2.      Each equation should be separated by semicolon ; .

3.      All comments should be outside the brackets and should have number sign # in the front.



Ex 1:  barry.sym








# barry from PoSSo

# Extended Mixed volume : 20

# Number of roots : 20

# Number of real roots : 2



Ex 2:    cyclic5.sym










# cyclic 5-roots problem

# Mixed volume : 70

# Number of roots : 70

# Number of real roots : 10





If you have any questions or comments, please contact

        Tsung-Lin Lee (leetsung@math.nsysu.edu.tw)

      Tien-Yien Li (li@math.msu.edu)