HOM4PS-2.0 (Matlab)



Matlab interface for HOM4PS-2.0



HOM4PS2_m32.zip    for 32-bit system


HOM4PS2_m64.zip    for 64-bit system




Step1:   Unzip HOM4PS2_m.zip.

Step2:   Copy the files in the MATLAB Work directory.

Step3:   Type “help HOM4PS2’’.




>> help HOM4PS2


       Homotopy method for solving polynomial systems.


   Syntax:   >> [rootCell,nroot] = HOM4PS2(n,P,mthd)

   Input :

            n -- the number of equations.

            P -- polynomial system (string form).

         mthd -- (optional)

                 = 1 : use the polyhedral homotopy method. (default)

                 = 2 : use the classical homotopy method.


   output :

     rootCell -- Matlab Cell containing information of solutions.

              rootCell{:,1} : solutions.

              rootCell{:,2} : the residue of solutions.

              rootCell{:,3} : the condition number of solutions.


         e.g. rootCell{1,1} is the first solution.

              rootCell{1,2} is the residue of the first solution.

              rootCell{1,3} is the condition number of the first solution.


        nroot -- the number of solutions.



  >> P = '{3+x^3*y^2+x; 4*y*z^5+8*x^2*y^4*z^4-1; x+y+z-1;}'

  >> [rootCell,nroot] = HOM4PS2(3,P);





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