HOM4PS-2.0 (Macintosh system)




Mac OS X system




1.  Run on Mac OS X operating system.

2.  No library installation is needed.

3.  No compiler is needed.

4.  One option (switch between Polyhedral homotopy and Linear homotopy).



        The usage of the code:

Step1:   Untar HOM4PS2_MacOSX.tar.gz.      i.e. tar –zxf HOM4PS2_MacOSX.tar.gz

Step2:   Change directory to HOM4PS2.          i.e. cd HOM4PS2

Step3:   Create/Copy input file (symbolic format) in the directory HOM4PS2.

Step4:   Execute   ./hom4ps2 filename.

Ex:   ./hom4ps2 barry.sym

Ex:   ./hom4ps2 cyclic5.sym


Note:  The solutions are listed in file HOM4PS2/data.roots.




        The symbolic format of input file:

1.      The polynomial system should be in brackets { } .

2.      Each equation should be separated by semicolon ; .

3.      All comments should be outside the brackets and should have number sign # in the front.



Sample 1:  barry.sym









Sample 2:    cyclic5.sym










# cyclic 5-roots problem

# Mixed volume : 70

# Number of roots : 70

# Number of real roots : 10


Note:  The input files of several well-known polynomial systems are available at equations.zip.




If you have any questions or comments, please contact

    *Tsung-Lin Lee     ( leetsung@math.nsysu.edu.tw )

Tien-Yien Li        ( li@math.msu.edu )

Chih-Hsiung Tsai ( tsaichih@msu.edu )



        * Corresponding author