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Jul 03, 2002 - 01:36 AM
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Welcome to the New StatLib

Welcome to StatLib, a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW. StatLib started out as an e-mail service and some of the organization still reflects that heritage. We hope that this document will give you sufficient guidance to navigate through the archives. For your convenience there are several sites around the world which serve as full or partial mirrors to StatLib.

Please only take what you need! If you need something else later you can always get it from StatLib when you need it.

Many of the StatLib collections accept submissions. If a collection accepts submissions, you can obtain directions by looking at the file called


in the appropriate collection. You can also make submissions by following the "Submit software/data" link in the "Other Options" menu.

If ALL else fails, send mail to Pantelis Vlachos ( with details of the problem. I'll try to help you, if I can.

What's New on StatLib?

As you probably noticed we have undergone a face-lift. We haven't stopped there though and have administered the following changes:
  • A registration system
  • An automated data and software submission procedure
  • An automated link submission system including registration of broken links
  • A rating system for submissions
  • A faster search engine
  • Get the latest StatLib updates on your PDA handheld.
We have tried to keep the direct URLs to StatLib's "traditional" archives in tact. However, there are bound to be some broken links. We are anxious to receive any corrections you might have as well as your comments and suggestions. The familiar table-based look has been replaced by the menu on the left and the contents of StatLib have been classified in four categories: Data, Software, ASA/IMS related and Mailing lists. For those of you who find the "old look" more convenient can still access it here

--The StatLib team

Categories Menu
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· Info (Oct 02, 2001)
· Software (Oct 01, 2001)

The Netlib archive provides an archive of mathematical software, data, documents, address lists, and other useful items. You might want to send mail to and ask for their index. Another WWW view of Netlib is available at

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Credit where credit is due
If you use an algorithm, dataset, or other information from StatLib, please acknowledge both StatLib and the original contributor of the material.
StatLib is hosted by
the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University