Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University   109-1 Seminars, 2020

Earlier seminars  中文

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
2020/12/24 15:30-16:30 Professor Ching Shyang Chen University of Southern Mississippi, USA Kansa RBF method with auxiliary boundary centres for fourth order BVPs
2020/12/17 15:30-16:30 Professor Nan-Jing Wu National Chiayi University An introduction of the GE/BC embedded collocation method
2020/12/17 14:10-15:00 Dr. Peng-Jie Wong National Center for Theoretical Science , Math Division Cyclicity of CM Elliptic Curves Modulo p in Short Intervals
2020/12/10 14:10-15:00 Dr. Guan-Ru Yu Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica On the study of phylogenetic networks
2020/12/03 16:10-17:00 Professor Yuan-Hsun Lo National Pingtung University Random and Deterministic Schemes for a Collision Channel without Feedback
2020/12/03 14:40-15:30 Doctor Yen-Jen Cheng Department of Mathematcis, National Taiwan Normal University Partial permutation via Catalan matrix
2020/11/25 16:10-17:00 劉方傑 應用工程師 鈦思科技股份有限公司 庖丁解魚:MATLAB於AI
2020/11/23 14:10-15:00 Professor Hao-Chung Cheng Dept. Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University Noncommutative Rényi and Augustin Information
2020/11/19 14:10-15:00 Professor Chun-Shu Chen National Central University An advanced approach to unmeasured spatial confounders
2020/11/12 14:00-15:00 Professor Chung-I Johnny Ho National Kaohsiung Normal University Classification of low dimensional manifolds
2020/11/03 14:10-15:00 Professor Ching-Sen Wu National Ilan University High-resolution simulations of gravity currents in geophysics
2020/10/29 14:10-15:00 I-Ping Tu Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica Two-stage dimension reduction for noisy high-dimensional images and application to Cryogenic Electron Microscopy
2020/10/22 16:00-17:00 Derchyi Wu Institute of Mathematcis, Academia Sinica Introduction to Integrable Systems
2020/10/16 14:10-15:00 Professor Yen-Tsung Huang Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica Causal mediation of hepatitis C on mortality via liver and non-liver diseases
2020/10/08 15:30-16:30 Professor Chia-Cheng Tsai National Kaohsiung Marine University Homotopy method of fundamental solutions for solving some nonlinear problems
2020/9/30 15:10-16:00 Yeong-Nan Yeh Institute of Mathematcis, Academia Sinica David-Barton type identities and alternating run polynomials
2020/9/24 15:30-16:30 Professor Chein-Shan Liu National Taiwan Ocean University Center of Excellence of the Oceans Solving nonlinear elliptic equations in arbitrary plane domains by using a new splitting and linearization technique