Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University   108-1 Seminars, 2019

Earlier seminars  中文

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
2019/10/31 14:10-15:00 Doctor Wan-Ru Hsieh Wistrom Corporation 淺談「資料科學家」在「商業資料分析流程」扮演的角色
2019/10/24 14:10-15:00 Professor Yu-Hsiang Cheng SHIH HSIN University An iterative variable screening approach for linear regression model
2019/10/21 14:10-15:00 Professor Mei-Heng Yueh National Taiwan Normal University Manifold Parameterization: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
2019/10/17 14:10-16:00 Professor Ko-Wei Lih Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica 計算的文化史
2019/10/3 14:10-15:00 Doctor Shih-Yu Chen Academia Sinica On the algebraicity of the symmetric sixth power L-function of elliptic modular forms
2019/10/2 14:10-15:00 Professor Yen-Tsung Huang Academia Sinica Causal mediation of semi-competing resks
2019/9/30 15:10-16:00 Professor Paul Horn University of Denver, USA Discrete Curvature, Graph Geometry and PageRank
2019/9/26 14:10-15:00 Professor Juan Wang China University of Mining and Technology Acyclic coloring and acyclic L-coloring of graphs with given maximum degree
2019/9/26 14:10-15:00 Professor Chin-Hao Chang Institute of Statistics, National University of Kaohsiung Estimation of Breakpoints for Extended Efficiency Function
2019/8/14 11:10-12:00 Doctor Yu-Ting Lin Department of Anesthesiology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Manifold learning in medical signal processing and data analysis